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The Company makes no warranties of any kind as to the accuracy, availability, reliability or safety of the content contained in the website. The content or URL is subject to change or deletion without notice. Any information contained in the website is not necessarily kept up to date. In no event will the Company be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from the use of this website.


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The following acts are strictly prohibited when using this website.

  • Acts of damaging the third party’s or the Company’s property or disturbing their privacy, etc., or the acts that may lead to the foregoing.
  • Acts of causing losses or damages to the third party or the Company, or the acts that may lead to the foregoing.
  • Acts of defaming or damaging reputation of the third party or the Company.
  • Acts that offend public order and morals, or the acts that may lead to the foregoing.
  • Criminal acts or the acts being connected with them, or the acts that may lead to the foregoing.
  • Acts of applying or declaring false information like registering the e-mail address of other persons, etc.
  • Business activities or the acts intended for getting profits, or the preparatory acts aiming at it.
  • Acts of using or providing harmful programs like a computer virus, etc., or the acts that may lead to the foregoing.
  • Acts of violating the laws and regulations, or the acts that may lead to the foregoing.
  • Acts that the Company considers as being improper.

Governing Law

Use of the Site and these Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan unless otherwise expressly provided.

Link to This Site

Links to this website shall in principle be open to all, regardless of whether the linked site is for profit or not, and no prior request is needed to make a link to this website. However, any of the following links or links that may be considered to correspond to the following links are prohibited.

  • Links from websites that defame the Company or the products and services of the Company, or links from websites that include content that impairs the credibility of the Company.
  • Links from websites that contain illegal information.
  • Links from websites that contain content that violates public order or morality and social ethics.
  • Links that make it unclear that this website is the destination such as frame links and image links.
  • Links that may be misinterpreted as having a partnership of collaborative relationship with the Company, or links where the linked website may be misunderstood as being affiliated with or supporting the Company.

The Company reserves the right to request that a link be changed or deleted, even if it is not applicable to the above. Also, please note that the URL for this site may be changed or deleted without advance notice.

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