[TRF] D.C. Recording Fluxmeter

This is the equipment being able to measure direct current magnetization property of wide-ranging magnetic materials from soft magnetic materials to high performance permanent magnet with magnetic flux meter based on M integral closed magnetic circuit system.
This equipment is able to obtain corrected measurement result under ISO-9000 traceability system.

[TRF] D.C. Recording Fluxmeter

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  • Low drift makes it possible to easily adjust.
  • Automatic recording of magnetization curves in high sensitivity and at high speed and yet in high accuracy.
  • Depending on kind of measured sample, models are classified into special for hard magnetic materials, for soft magnetic materials, and for both hard and soft magnetic materials. Therefore, selective one suits for the intended purpose.
  • Besides normal magnetization curves, easy and simplified measurement can be made on curve and minor loops etc.
  • With using optional TTM-2 Type TRF temperature variable unit, measurement can be made at room temperature to 250°C.
    (It is possible to calculate temperature coefficient of Br and iHc etc.)

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