[CWM] Continuous Magnetic Measurement Equipment

The automatic measurement equipment to continuously measure magnetic property in commercial power frequency of magnetic steel sheet sample on line, is used for quality control.

[CWM] Continuous Magnetic Measurement Equipment

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  • Core loss in definite time of magnetic flux density [B] or magnetic flux density [B] in definite time of strength of magnetic field [H] for excited magnetic steel sheet is measured on line.
  • Detection of signal is conducted in B-coil and H-coil within magnetic measurement frame.
  • Waveform correction is conducted for core loss measurement, putting magnetic flux signal waveform as near as possible to sine wave.
  • H-coil is set top and bottom against sample to detect as accurate as possible surface magnetic field of sample.
  • Horizontal type of yoke is fitted to magnetic frame to make measurement part closed magnetic circuit.
  • The current flowed on coil is controlled so that wave height value of magnetic field is symmetrical while fixing coil for compensation of earth magnetism round magnetic frame in order to have no bad effect from earth magnetism.

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