[TWM] AC Magnetism Measurement Equipment

This equipment is used for measurement analysis of magnetic characteristics in high frequency by commercial frequency of soft material sample such as magnetic steel sheet and amorphous etc., and for quality control of product and material research.

[TWM] AC Magnetism Measurement Equipment

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  • It is possible to apply single sheet sample, ring type of sample and Epstein sample etc.
  • Measurement frequency in single sheet sample measurement: 30Hz to 100kHz
    Measurement frequency in ring type of sample measurement: 30Hz to 1MHz
    Measurement frequency in Epstein sample measurement: 30Hz to 20kHz
    With these, excitation measurement for sine wave, triangle wave and rectangle as well as any wave can be made.
  • Besides [B,H,P,S,μ] of basic magnetic property measurement, the measurement of [B-t][H-t] [B-H Loop] waveform and [f-w][f-s] property is possible.

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