[VSM-5] Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

This type measures on variations of temperature as well as yet normal room temperature under vacuum and in gas by the use of electromagnet.

[VSM-5] Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

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  • This equipment is optimum measuring apparatus to evaluate magnetic materials.
  • This equipment is capable of making high sensitive and stable measurement in wide range of temperature.
    The combination of standard 77K to 1200K and option of liquid He cryostat is capable of measuring the temperature from 4.2K.
  • The sensitivity of magnetization measurement assures 1 x 10-5emu in temperature control range.
  • In room temperature measurement, the unit attached with high sensitivity detection coil is capable of measuring with sensitivity of about 2 x 10-6emu.
  • The combination of low magnetic field measurement unit is capable of continuously measuring magnetic curve from high magnetic field to low magnetic field.

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