[VSM-P2H] Soft Material Measurement

This is low magnetic field type of exclusive use for soft thin film sample by the use of Helmholtz Coil.
The type is capable of measuring variations of temperature from -50°C to 200°C by adding gas-flow type of temperature controller as an option.
This system is very effective if for measurement on very small coercive force “Hc” of magnetic head materials and soft magnetic thin films.

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  • Model VSM-P2H has an automatic expansion mechanism of both M and H measuring ranges and an automatic change-over of sweeping speeds in combination with the above so that the coercive force of soft materials of high permeability can be easily measured.
  • Incorporated AC demagnetizer makes it possible to make an automatic measurement completely on the hysteresis loop including initial magnetization curves.
  • Construction of non-magnetic materials and 3-axis Helmholtz coils for compensation of earth field make correct measurement on Hc without any influence of a stable field in the surrounding after installation and adjustment.
  • Easy to operate and simple to mount and set the sample even in a state of sitting on a chair.
  • An option makes it possible to measure the temperature reliance of the materials in the atmosphere up to 120°C.

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